Stranger Things Merch (NOT Funko Pop Figures)

While Funko Pop figures are the primary thing that I prefer to collect, I do have a few other smaller collections of various items or themes. Items include (but are not limited to) button pins, “the art of _____” books, and graphic tees, while some of the themes are Marvel or Stranger Things, for example.

In honor of the upcoming Stranger Things 3 premiere, and for those of you who are looking for things to collect (or gift) that aren’t Funko Pop figures, here are a few of my favorite Stranger Things things!

(And if these descriptions read like infomercials from the 1980s… good.)

Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down

Product Type: Book | Made By: Gina McIntyre | Purchased From: Target

Stranger Things was all the rage when it first came out, and it’s bound to be the raddest thing this summer. Don’t get caught trippin’- stay in the mix with all the behind the scenes details of the dopest show on Netflix. With awesome photos, never-before-seen concept art, and the sickest views into the mysterious town of Hawkins, Indiana, you don’t want to be caught dead without this book in your backpack!

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Stranger Things Lunch Box

Product Type: Metal Lunch Box | Made By: Netflix / Loungefly | Purchased From: Target

Ditch those boring brown paper bags that get soggy before you even get off the bus, and be the coolest kid in the cafeteria with this Stranger Things lunch box! Metal siding protects your snacks from getting squished, while the collapsable handle makes carrying a breeze. And with fresh graphics like these, you’ll rule the school!

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Stranger Things Button Pins

Product Type: Button Pins | Made By: Unknown | Purchased From: BoxLunch

Are you getting teased by the cool kids because your hand-me-down style is totally dweeby? You need these bitchin’ pins! With all different colors, characters, and slogans, you’ll find the perfect pins to rep your own personal style. Mix and match them on your favorite denim jacket or trade them with your friends!

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Stranger Things Dart Plush Nesting Doll

Product Type: Plush Toy Set | Made By: Netflix / Funko | Purchased From: Hot Topic

If you can’t resist vicious creatures who are cute and/or small, or if you just love putting things inside of things, then check out this Stranger Things plush nesting doll set! Keep them all out to witness the various stages of a demodog’s metamorphosis, or nest them using their velcro openings. Equal parts snuggly and savage, these plushes are essential to any (cat-free) household!

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Stranger Things Hawkins High School Hoodie

Product Type: Men’s Hoodie | Made By: Netflix | Purchased From: Target

Did you hate the high school you attended and wish you had gone somewhere else? Is your alma mater’s mascot boring and dull? Were your school colors less than flattering? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the hoodie for you! It’s a perfect layer for those Indiana winters, yet thin enough to wear on those classic summer days. And with an extra soft lining and a fierce tiger graphic, you’ll be proud to sport this Hawkins High School hoodie all year round!

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If you have or purchase any of these items, or have purchased items like these that you think I’d like, tweet me a photo! I’d love to see!


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