Welcome to My Geek of the Week!




If you’re reading this you’re either early, checking out a category that I haven’t posted in quite yet, or you’ve already read everything else I’ve posted thus far and have made it to the bottom of the barrel… In any case, welcome to My Geek of the Week, the place where I talk about anything that I’ve at some point or another geeked out about. Fair warning: it’s everything and it’s often.





Enthusiastic… Extreme… Obsessive…
No words have ever described me more accurately.



With the release of a new film, the purchase of a new collectable, or the revisiting of an old comic I become so easily overwhelmed with excitement that I either annoy everyone around me with my incessant need to expose them to the wonders of it or I threaten to burst at the seams by attempt to containing myself.

But like those who take advantage of the internet to blog about their families or their fitness or their food I decided that if I couldn’t find a place to regularly dispose of my excitement, I’d make one. (and because of my ‘too much’ gene, that place turned into a full blown website that was built and rebuilt while binging Game of Thrones.)



What you can expect from the weekly posts:
5 Things I Like about a newly released or a classic
collectible & purchase hauls
unpopular opinions about unpopular things
new (to me) discoveries
extremely obsessive enthusiasm



So if you’re like me and share that glorious ‘too much’ gene, or if you like these things but just a little more casually, stick around! I’m not an expert and I’m not a critique. I’m just a girl who loves a lot of things and loves to write in length about them. Check back for new posts, or follow the @mygeekoftheweek social pages for updates and other random excitement!





// GEEK :
(noun) obsessive enthusiast, or (verb) be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject

// ABOUT :

Morgan of House Geek, First of Her Name, Mother of a Ton of Funkos, Collector of Things, Writer of Stories, Designer of Websites, Watcher of Films, and Player of Games.

INTJ. Libra-Scorpio Cusp. Slytherin.

Jack of all trades, master of none.


I prefer purchasing trades & volumes more than single issues. I find them to be more durable, so I can enjoy them more and they can easily stand on my display shelves without boards.