Grease 40th Anniversary Funko Pop Figures

On June 16, 1978 the cult classic musical film Grease was released for the world to enjoy. And man, have I enjoyed it. It’s system-matic. Its hyyyyydro-matic. Why, it’s Greased Lightning!


I watched and rewatched Grease a hundred times on my living room TV growing up, relived the excitement by seeing it on the big screen, and was a Pink Lady for not one but TWO halloweens.


So I was thoroughly thrilled when Funko released four Pop figures for Grease’s 40th anniversary!


There is so much to love about Grease. There’s the nationally televised Rydell dance off that always made me wish with everything in me that I could dance (I can’t), or the Frosty Palace with the mouthwatering shakes and burgers. And of course, we can’t forget the flawless fashions of the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies, or the ridiculously catching songs they sing.


But one of my absolute favorite parts of the whole film is the transformations Danny and Sandy go through.



Sandra Dee, the good girl from Australia, falls for the apparent bad boy and trades in her cardigan for leather and heels. Danny Zuko, the heartbreaking Greaser falls for the sweetheart and swaps his leather T-Bird jacket for, well, a glorified cardigan.



And while a lot of fans have always seen these transitions as them changing themselves just to win the affections of the other, I’ve always viewed it as quite the opposite- Danny gives Sandy the confidence to come out of her shell and be the badass bombshell she can truly be, and Sandy finds Danny’s soft side sexy, not emasculating. The embrace the best parts of themselves with each other, and are actually more themselves with each other than they are with anyone else.


This romantic device is used time and time again in films but is so perfectly executed in Grease. So, when I saw that the four Funko Pop figures were of Danny and Sandy in the outfits they wore on their first day of senior year at Rydell High and of their outfits at the carnival at the end of the movie, I had to get all four!


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