It Funko Pop Figures

I know that It (2017) received some mixed reviews when it premiered, but I personally loved it. I think Bill Skarsgård is an incredible Pennywise, and every cast/character of the Losers Club is great in their own way. I’m super hyped about It Chapter Two, especially because they assembled such great cast to play the adult Losers.

In honor of the It Chapter Two premier tonight, I wanted to shoot my Funko Pop Figures from the first chapter! Instead of staging each character in a different setting, I really wanted to take a more design-heavy route instead to incorporate the red balloons. I hope you enjoy!

It Funko Pop Figures: George Elmer “Georgie” Denbrough

Georgie Denbrough Funko Pop Figure

“I’m not supposed to take stuff from strangers.”

George Denbrough

It Funko Pop Figures: The Losers Club

Bill Denbrough Funko Pop Figure

“Swear, swear, if IT isn’t dead, if IT ever comes back, we’ll come back too.”

Bill Denbrough
Richier Tozier Funko Pop Figure

“Welcome to the Losers’ Club, asshole!”

Richie Tozier
Eddie Kaspbrak Funko Pop Figure

“They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!”

Eddie Kaspbrak
Mike Hanlon Funko Pop Figure

“Maybe. Or maybe IT knows what scares us most and that’s what we see.”

Mike Hanlon
Stanley Uris Funko Pop Figure

“Is it ever gonna end?”

Stanley Uris
Ben Hanscom Funko Pop Figure

“Derry is not like any town I’ve been in before. People die or disappear six times the national average. And that’s just grown ups. Kids are worse. Way, way worse.”

Ben Hanscom
Beverly Marsh Funko Pop Figure

“I’m not afraid of you!”

Beverly Marsh

It Funko Pop Figures: It

Pennywise Funko Pop Figure

“Time to float!”


For the record, this isn’t my favorite Pennywise form, it’s just the only one I have in my collection. Should I get the rest of them?

If you have a favorite quote from It Chapter One, a favorite Pennywise Funko Pop figure, or thoughts about It Chapter Two once it premieres tomorrow, tweet me! I’d love to know!


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