AC:PC x Jersey Shore

I am fully aware of the fact that no one had any interest in the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp x Westworld thing I did last month, and that absolutely no one asked for another one.


But does that mean I’m not going to make another one? Nope.


Now, I don’t actually watch Jersey Shore. Let’s just clear the air on that really quickly. I don’t enjoy it. I’m not even sure I’ve ever watched a full episode of it.


But does that mean I don’t go around yelling “CABS ARE HEYA” any chance I get? Nope.


Either way, this wasn’t really something I planned to do. I didn’t sit down one day and start brainstorming over what show to replicate next, eventually deciding that Jersey Shore was an obvious choice. If I did have a list of ACPC crossovers I wanted to do, Jersey Shore never would have been on that list just by its own merit.


But when I happened to add a ‘pile of cash’ and a ‘washing machine’ to my furniture inventory in the same lazy afternoon, while also recently focusing my crafting resources on all of the gym equipment furniture pieces, my strange mind inadvertently lumped all of that into one odd, parodic statement:



Gym… Tan… Money Laundering?



The minute the words flashed through my mind (and once I stopped laughing about it, because I somehow found it incredibly amusing), I knew it was unavoidable; I had to turn my camp into the Jersey Shore.


There’s really no other way to introduce or explain this. I just hope that someone laughs even a fraction as hard as I did. Honestly, at this point, I don’t even care if it’s with me or at me. (I also really hope that my ridiculous sense of humor doesn’t trigger some sort of investigation.)


So, here it is, in all its glory…



Starting with the campsite, I decided to use the deck feature to divide the area into two sections. I knew upfront that I would be using both levels of the camper for the gym and laundry sections, so I needed to fully utilize the outdoor space to incorporate any living areas commonly seen in the show.


Using photos I found online as reference, I turned the deck into the rooftop area, complete with lounge spaces and a grill, and then turned the right section into the Shore Store.



The lake in the background of the campsite wasn’t enough water for my liking, so I added the pool to make up for the lack of an actual shore, and to insinuate that a lot of tanning is happening here. And, since I knew I wasn’t going to replicate the actual house inside the camper, I made room beside one of the lounge areas for the iconic duck phone.


For the Shore Store, I pulled the best “tshirt time” shirts that I had in my inventory and lined them up behind a sales counter. I used the black mat to frame off the store, and placed two slipper racks in front of the counter to mimic the product racks that are normally found in front of boardwalk stores such as that one.



The first level of the camper features a full gym, complete with barbells, weight machines, and cardio equipment. The flooring and mat provide both comfort and grip.


There is also a flat screen to provide entertainment while on the treadmill or exercise bike, and a mixer for post-workout smoothies.


(Why am I like this…)



And last, but certainly not least, I present to you the star of the show, the cause of it all, the L of the GTL: the laundry room.


A lattice wall frames the space for a hint of privacy from anyone who may not be authorized to climb up the ladder. The room, though small, is left mostly open for space to work (and hold more heaping bags of cash, when necessary).


There is a long counter running along the back wall, holding two bags of freshly laundered money, as well as a stack of cash waiting to be run through the machine.


And lastly, the glorious piece of machinery that inspired it all: the little white washing machine.





So, yeah.


That’s it.


I’m insane, or psychotic, or just incredibly weird.


I know. You don’t have to tell me. I already know.


(I also know that actual money laundering in no way involves a washing machine.)


(Unless, of course, the money is being laundered through a laundromat. Obviously.)


Hope you enjoyed!






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