AC:PC x Westworld

I know. An Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp x Westworld mashup is the last thing that anyone asked for or expected. Trust me, I know.


But I spend a lot of my free time* playing ACPC, and in anticipation of the Westworld season 2 premiere (April 22nd), I started noticing that there were a few items that I had built or bought that were very reminiscent of the show.


So I cleared my campground and started pulling any items from my inventory that seemed fitting to the show’s theme or aesthetic. After a few more purchases and many hours of waiting for things to finish being built, I had my very own western campsite.


*I don’t actually have, like, any free time, but I play it often while multitasking or doing other things. I wish I had genuine free time. Also, I find the making-friends-&-doing-tasks aspect of the game to be repetitive and tiresome (but will endure it for an extra adorable camper or when I need resources), but I thoroughly enjoy decorating and redecorating the campsite and camper, which is why this spur of inspiration and execution happened.



To start, I basically just crafted/built every item currently available in the game that seemed relevant to the theme, and then dumped all the items onto the campsite. Then, I rearranged them (many, many, many times) until I found a layout that I really liked.


I wanted something that reflected both a guest’s experience following a story line out into the Badlands with little more than a self-made fire and a blanket to sleep on, but also wanted to bring it home to Sweetwater, with a rustic storefront, a wagon, and some troughs for the horses.



I eventually found a happy medium between the two, and added a place for K.K. Slider to play his guitar just off the storefront porch, while campers can sit and listen on the cushions and the striped rug.


The game has just recently added the option to customize the landscape of your campsite, but compared to the coral, bamboo, or floral options, the standard trees seemed the most aesthetically accurate. I also crafted a dress and a pair of boots that most closely resemble Maeve’s season 1 outfit, and for the sake of the photos, sent all the campers home.


But, as it never does in Westworld, the fun didn’t stop there…



After finishing the campground, I decided to take it a step further and turn the bottom level of my camper into the Mariposa Saloon.


There is only so much space to work with in the camper, so I tried my best to choose and position the items strategically. I really liked the cowhide rug but never found a good place for it outside, so I decided to implement it here (whether or not it was really something you’d find in the saloon). The table and chairs were the simplest ones that I could find that were wooden and in any way similar to what you might find in Mariposa.


I added a miniature cactus to add a splash of western greenery, and thought the stack of leaf tickets was a perfect way to insinuate that some sort of goods were being purchased there, at a very high price.


I had a tough decision to make when it came to the piano for the saloon. I knew I wanted to incorporate one somewhere, as a nod to both the theme song of the show and the recurring presence of the pianola, but found myself faced with two options:


an organ with two rows of keys and a shorter stature,
but was a nice wood color that complemented the other furniture in the room,


an upright piano that by nature looks much more similar to the pianola in the show, but is black with a red cloth…


I eventually chose the latter option, only because of its similarity and overall accuracy. We can just pretend that it’s brown, right?


Since I was already in the camper, I figured that I might as well include the top level in this experiment. So…



I’m aware that this makes me look like a psycho. I totally get it.


Using a cutesy mobile game to build a miniature version of a fictional, futuristic, western-themed amusement park full of consequence-less indulgence, complete with a mobile saloon with a Delos lab upstairs… that’s a psycho move. Sure.


When I showed my husband, he seemed genuinely concerned for a moment, before realizing that it is me, and that this type of behavior and humor is totally up to par for me. You can’t put an exam bed and an operating room cart in a game like this and expect me not to want to use it in the darkest way possible.


The laptop and coffee maker were an extra touch, just to show the availability and usage of electricity/advanced technology in such close proximity of the wild west, and I figured that animal-Ford would want a picture of animal-Bernard, so I propped that up on the counter as well.






Like I said, I’m fully aware that this is the last thing that anyone asked for or expected. But I had way too much fun doing it, despite the amount of bells, leaf tickets, and resources some of these pieces cost. (Looking at you, bonfire. Who needs preserves to build a bonfire. Really.)






If you’ve made it through this far (good for you, man, but also, I’m sorry) and if you want to try to recreate this (why?) yourself or do something similar, here’s a list of exactly what I used, and exactly what it took to get it all.







These violent stupid delights have violent stupid ends.







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