Sims 4 Build: Scoops Ahoy! (no CC)

Now that my Summer of Stranger Things is almost over (is it ever really over) and I’ve binged and written about all three seasons, I needed a bit of a break to just relax and decompress (while rebinging season 3… again).

One of my favorite pastimes is the Sims 4 build mode. I very rarely ever actually play Sims, but I’ll spend hours of my late-night free time building one of my many dream homes or trying to replicate a real-life place.

So I curled up with my laptop last weekend and begin to rewatch season 3, wondering what I should build this time. I thought about building one of the houses from Stranger Things, or maybe the Hawkins Post, but then it clicked: Scoops Ahoy!

If I can’t work there, if I can’t eat all the ice cream, and if I can’t crack secret Russian codes with Robin and Dustin and Steve, I can at least try to build it in Sims 4, right?

So that’s what I did. It’s not perfect, and it took a lot of rigging and readjusting to get it right, but I think it turned out pretty great and as accurate as I could possibly get it! (I didn’t use any CCs in this build, but I did use the MoveObjects cheat.)

Scoops Ahoy Exterior and Framework

The initial framework of this build was the most challenging part, due to those wooden half-wall booth dividers. The dividers themselves were easy, but the wooden paneling also continues along the side walls of the parlor, and there wasn’t a wallpaper in the game that matched this look perfectly.

I ended up framing the room with the half-walls, and then building full-height walls one grid square away from them. The gap is hardly noticeable from the interior views and worked perfectly to get the proper effect.

I also used half-walls to mimic the boat on the front right. (The mall features flanking the parlor, like the mannequins in the window on the right or the column and tile wall to the left aren’t included in the gallery- I just did that for this photo.)

Scoops Ahoy Interior

The wallpaper itself in Scoops Ahoy is integral to its theme, and I couldn’t find anything in any of the Sims 4 packs that I have that really worked. So instead of using one single wallpaper, I alternated a blue paint and a white paint on each wall section to mimic the stripes.

To make the checkered floor tiles, I used blue and white carpet squares in an alternating grid pattern on the floor. (Carpet is obviously not ideal in an ice cream parlor, but it was the darkest blue shade that I could find, and the regular checkered tiles were too small. The texture of the carpet actually worked in favor of those old school tile floors, too!)

The window isn’t a perfect match and I couldn’t find a way to do those red pillars that I was happy with, but this window from Island View was the closest I could get and I think it turned out well! There also aren’t any actual ice cream cases in the game, so instead I used these display cases and used barrels to act as ice cream tubs.

Scoops Ahoy Backroom

Thanks to the various Sims 4 packs, I was able to include most of the little details of the backroom, like the bulletin board, the broom on the wall, the stacked chairs, etc.

I couldn’t find a wallpaper that I liked enough to match the actual walls here, so I just went with a large white tile wall.

Scoops Ahoy Backroom 2

The pantry shelf units worked perfectly here, and I used a billboard (scaled down) in place of Robin’s whiteboard. I also used some gray wallpaper and a metal door to replicate the freezer that is seen occasionally in brief frames.

Sims 4 Build Aerial View

This was a lot of fun to build and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

I uploaded this build to the Gallery (search mgotw under EA IDs), and I also made Robin and Steve Sims! If you use this build and make any changes to it, or if you play with the Robin and Steve Sims, tweet me your screenshots, I’d love to see!


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