You gotta relax!

Seriously, this is embarrassing.

Last year, everyone lost their collective *burps* over a packet of sauce that literally no one had cared about prior to #szechuangate, and half of you only did it to post a selfie with it (whyyy).

During season 3, my Facebook feed was clogged up with nothing but low-quality uploads of the latest episodes, shared by the masses of fans who cared more about instant satisfaction and staying up-to-trend than they cared about the show’s actually air ratings. There are still pages dedicated to streaming what I can only assume are pirated reruns 24/7, too.

One time, I witnessed a guy interrogate a girl with rapid-fire trivia questions about the show’s characters and episodes, just to make sure she was ‘worthy’ of the Rick & Morty t-shirt she was wearing. (She passed, exceptionally.)

And while there are tables full of new merch and collectibles in every pop culture chain store, and while the memes and beloved quotes littering the internet are completely inescapable, all you’ll find when you Google the show right now are articles about how Rick and Morty fans just can’t seem to calm TF down.

Because, apparently, we can’t.

Time and time again, we have blown things wildly out of proportion, and this time is no different as we have thrown ourselves into an absolute panic over a couple of tweets.

The show has not been confirmed as canceled, and it would be foolish to immediately believe that the network would so casually cut a show of this scale and popularity. It has been speculated by writers and fans alike that season 4 could possibly be expected to make its debut by late 2019 (if there will, in fact, be a season 4) which isn’t unheard of based on the gaps of time between the previous seasons.

Based on the Run the Jewels x Rick and Morty video that was just uploaded within the past two weeks, it’s probably safe to assume that Adult Swim is still totally down with producing content in this franchise, especially to meet all of our high demands. It just takes time. (A lot of time. Too much time. But we’ve waited before and we can wait again, right?)

Without a doubt, the show is incredible and there is an infinite amount of reasons why we love it so much. But this overbearing, insane, and sometimes almost violent passion that some of us exhibit as a reflex to just hearing someone mention the show, or worse, in a time of withdrawal, will eventually eclipse the show itself completely and ruin it for everyone. It’s not fair, you have no rights, and… well, you get it.

So, can we please just take a breath, grab a drink, and give both the network and the creators some time?


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